Ms Matronic’s Magic Mirrors

Well, if you haven’t noticed already – with the newest collection being a huge tribute to the band – I’m a huge fan of the colorful and sparkling Scissor Sisters.

Especially front singer Ana Matronic has my heart. She’s such a character! She always dresses in flamboyant, colorful dresses with edgy cuts. And she’s got attitude, but at the same time seems so down to Earth. She’s the girl you want to become friends with, because she seems like a firework to be around.

First I want to show you some pictures, and then I will tell you how it came about!

It’s a neon green jelly polish filled with silver holo glitter in both hexes and dots in various sizes.
As with any other neon shades, I recommend this to be worn over a base colour. I prefer white, which is what I’ve used in these photos:

DSC03669 copy DSC03676 copy DSC03686 copy

And it glows in the dark and under black light (UV) as well!

DSC03709 copy DSC03705 copy

March this year I went to my first Scissor Sisters concert ever. And it was epic! I’ve been to many concerts, big and small. I’ve been celebrating Lady Gaga along with 40.000 people and been to an intimate concert sitting just six feet from Gavin DeGraw.

Both were super great, but none were as entertaining, fun and personal as when I went to the Scissor Sisters concert, which held about 400 happy fans.

Ana Matronic-1387193 Untitled-1 copy

I’m so in love with her style! These are the dresses she wore.

A bright yellow skater dress lavished with tiny mirrors and a neon green dress hold together with pins.

I decided to mix the two together into what I called Ms Matronic’s Magic Mirrors – the name is also inspired by a fun track on their latest album called Ms Matronic’s Magic Message…

I hope you like it 🙂

❤ Charlotte


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